The refrigerated container for the transportation of temperature sensitive cargo

Song Than Distribution Center in Binh Duong Province

DC Area: 50,000 sqm

Phase 3 - 2.5 Ha




Nam Hai Logistics Center in Hai Phong City.

Launching on August 15, 2017 
DC Area: 10,000 sqm

Gemadept is as the main shareholder of the first modern
air cargo terminal in Vietnam – Saigon Cargo Service Corporation (SCSC)

Bonded Warehouse (DC1)  in Song Than Distribution Center.

Commencement: 8/2011,
Storage Space: 8,800 m2

GLC's organizing professional courses, workshops
internaly and externaly 

Lam Dong Bauxite Aluminum Complex Project


years of development

10 Mil. CBM


20.000 TEUs


200 Bil. VND


1500 trips/day




>450.000 m2

Distribution Center

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Mekong Logistics - Gemadept Corporation

Mekong Logistics - Gemadept Corporation's leading cold storage service provider

Mekong Logistics is the largest modern single cold storage in Southeast Asia, with specialized equipment and a modern and convenient transportation network for customers in the Mekong Delta. This is a joint venture between Gemadept Joint Stock Company - One of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in logistics and shipping and "King Shrimp" - Minh Phu Seafood Corporation.   The presence of Mekong Logistics has significantly contributed to maintaining the value of post-harvest agricultural and aquatic products in the Mekong Delta region to contribute to increasing export turnover for the country, gradually contribute to the construction and development of logistics in the Mekong Delta region, at the same time, create jobs and contribute to the socio-economic development of Hau Giang province. With a strategic location as the heart of the Mekong Delta, convenient for transportation and multimodal transportation. With an experienced team, modern facilities, Mekong Logistics has provided customers with the most optimal solutions to ensure the quality of goods, reduce logistics costs, and high and stable service quality. permanent, long-lasting. Continue to promote the development of the transport sector to serve supply and demand in accordance with the economic development speed and the regional infrastructure system. Improve transportation, open river transport routes directly from Hau Giang, Can Tho to Thi Vai Cai Mep international port cluster - load goods directly onto international ship routes, contributing to minimizing logistics costs for customers.
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CJ Gemadept Logistics provides transportation services for a leading enterprise in the FMCG industry

CJ Gemadept Logistics provides transportation services for a leading enterprise in the FMCG industry

Our client is one of the largest consumer goods companies in Vietnam, famous for soy sauce, fish sauce, chili sauce, instant noodles and bottled beverages. In the context of the FMCG industry's story becoming increasingly complex and competitive, in order to increase sales and market share, our customers are constantly launching new products, partially improving prices through optimizing logistics costs and delivery activities. Along with that is the strategy of diversifying sales channels, increasing sales points to help consumers experience and access products easily, conveniently and quickly. It is these specific needs that have invisibly created a complex but equally interesting delivery problem for CJ Gemadept Logistics. That problem is "mixed delivery" in the combined model of B2B and B2C, which is "the art of planning, controlling, and executing delivery", serving at the same time traditional channels (GT), retail channels (GTS), and retail channels. KA/MT) and special sales channels (OP). Taking advantage of the information technology platform, the powerful Transporation Management System(TMS), the experienced operation team combines the advantages of owning a diverse fleet of trucks and container trucks with a network of partners and wide range of domestic transportation service providers. From mid-2022, CJ Gemadept Logistics has gradually successfully deployed transportation services, and at the same time excellently solved the above problem for customers. Chosen to be the loyal shipping partner for one of the leading FMCG brands in Vietnam, CJ Gemadept Logistics is proud to bring high, stable, differentiated and constantly improved service quality.  
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CJ Gemadept Logistics Introduction

CJ Gemadept Logistics Introduction

CJ Gemadept Logistics is a joint venture of Gemadept Corporation Vietmam & CJ Logistics Korea. We are a leading and pioneering company in the field of Contract Logistics Services. We provide full scale of logistic service, include: warehousing, distribution, cross-border transportation and Oversized or Overweight Cargo.
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