Why us !

Gemadept lead the Top 10 prestigious Transportation and Logistics companies in 2021

On December 17, 2021, Vietnam Report officially announced the list of the Top 10 prestigious Logistics companies in 2021. Accordingly, Gemadept Corporation is once again honored as the leading enterprise in the "Top 10 prestigious Logistics companies in 2021 - International freight forwarding, Warehousing, Third-party and fourth-party logistics services". The listing of Top 10 prestigious logistics companies in 2021 is built on scientific and objective principles. Companies are assessed and ranked based on three main criteria: (1) Financial capacity shown on the most recent annual financial report; (2) Media reputation assessed by Media Coding - encoding the company's articles on influential media channels; (3) Research subjects and stakeholders survey conducted in October-November 2020.


Solution of technology

As one of the leading logistics companies in Vietnam, CJ Gemadept Logistics utilizes many IT solutions to improve the efficiency of its business operations. One of CJ Gemadept Logistics' noteworthy IT solutions is its Warehouse Management System (WMS), which can integrate with various customer software and operational support apps, as well as use RFID and IoT to monitor, manage, and optimize the warehousing and transportation processes. CJ Gemadept Logistics also applies an OMS to optimize its transportation processes. This solution employs technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to analyze data about orders, shipping routes, delivery statuses, and other requirements to optimize the transportation process. Overall, CJ Gemadept Logistics' IT solutions help the company improve its efficiency and optimize its business operations while providing customers with high-quality logistics services.


Experience and connection

Being one of pioneers in Vietnam's Logistics industry, we have strong local experience run by devoted human resources with skilled staffs and visionary leaders. Thanks to the our close relationship with local authorities, we have operated smoothly to keep providing our customers the best services.

Strong assets network

With our own assets network and the assets network  of Gemadept Corporation stretching from North to South of Vietnam, we are proud of bringing our customers a one-stop shop for end-to-end logistics services, from upstream to downstream of your supply chain. In addition, we have strong financial condition to invest in the built-to-suit assets with our partners.


At Gemadept Logistics, we focus on delivering satisfaction to customers by providing the best value package. We commit to bring customers an operational excellence and continuous service quality improvement as well as applying most state-of-the-art technology and equipment for ever increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

Strategic Partnership

We strive to be a partner who not only executes our clients’ strategies but also drives business by adding value and being engaged as a strategic partner. We look for closer relationship where the parties desire to achieve long-term “win-win” benefits and innovation based on mutually desired outcomes. Gemadept Logistics has the strength and scale to engage in truly strategic partnership with customers, ensuring deep understanding of your strategies and systems