With a team of experienced professionals and extensive knowledge of the Logistics industry in Vietnam and Indochina markets, combined with the application of global "Best Practices", we have researched and developed successful many new operation solutions for many customers in different industries: FMCG, F&B, Retail and High-tech. CJ Gemadept Logistics will be the true partner to help solve complex problems, help save costs, optimize all logistics activities and adapt to fast changes of the market.

Our consulting services and solutions are based on a comprehensive TES&C platform:

[1] T - Technology: applying smart and appropriate technology, helping to increase operational efficiency and reduce the human mistake
[2] E - Engineering: re-designing the operating model via optimization activities: Re-layout & warehouse design, consulting on the selection of warehouse locations & distribution center locations, consulting the models & methods of transportation, calculating operating resources..etc..
[3] S - System & Solution: applying the operation management system (WMS, TMS, OMS) & fully integration with ERP, CRM
[4] C - Consulting: analyzing the current operations, compare and suggest solutions to cut costs, improve productivity, increase scalability - meet future growth


  • Simulation and optimization of Logistics & Supply Chain activities (advising on changing warehouse & distribution center locations, re-layout warehouses, changing or adding transporation methods, etc.)
  • Consulting to improve current processes
  • Design DC/Warehouse (build a new warehouse & distribution center)
  • Designing distribution transport models and Cross Docking solutions (consulting to convert the model from Central Stock to XDocking, helping save storage costs and minimize the delivery lead time)
  • Applying the Control Tower solution
  • Consulting and implementing logistics management systems: WMS (Warehouse System Management), TMS (Transporation System Management), OMS (Order System Management)
  • Design the "zero-inventory" solution (Just-in-time)
  • Consulting and implementing Robotics & IOT solutions: AGV, RFID, Track & trace sensors for warehousing & transportation operations, Barcode & RF scanner, Auto Sorting..etc..